Mildly Venomous Snakes

Mildly Venomous Snakes on the Sunshine Coast

Common Snakes on the Sunshine Coast

Bandy Bandy Snake

Bandy Bandy (Vermicella annulata)

- Weakly Venomous

The bandy bandy snake is black in colour with thick, white stripes or bands marking its body from head to tail. This snake species burrows, and as a result, its eyes are very small and hard to distinguish from the rest of the head from afar. Additionally, there is no distinction between its head and body, giving it a streamlined appearance.

Yellow Faced Whip Snake (Demansia psammophis)

- Mildly Venomous

Yellow-faced whip snakes are small, thin snakes that only grow to an average length of 80cm – 1 meter. Scales can vary from green-olive to brown, with a brown or copper colouration along the top half of the body. The scales around the eyes are usually yellow with a black comma shape that runs to the corner of the mouth. Across the snout, there is a black bar that runs from nostril to nostril.

Brown Tree Snake (Boiga irregularis)

- Weakly Venomous

Brown tree snakes can grow to around 2 meters in length. They have long, slender bodies with large bulbous heads, distinct from their narrow neck. They have large yellow to brown eyes with vertical pupils. These snakes are brown to orange or reddish in colour with dark bands. Belly scales vary from cream and orange to salmon in colour.
Brown Marsh Snake also known as a swamp snake

Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata)

- Mildly Venomous

The marsh snake, also known as the black-bellied swamp snake, swamp snake, or grass snake, is a brown-coloured venomous species of snake endemic to Australia. They are commonly found in southeast Queensland and share a close resemblance with other snakes in the elapid family, such as the eastern small-eyed snake and the red-bellied black snake.

Usually not aggressive, the marsh snake is more likely to flee when encountering a potential threat or danger.
White Crown Snake - close up of white crowned snake

White Crowned Snake (Cacophis harriettae)

- Weakly Venomous

The white crowned snake is a small snake species endemic to Australia and is commonly spotted in and around the Sunshine Coast.

Although it is venomous, this species is not considered dangerous to humans. Like its crowned siblings, the white crowned snake relies more on defensive displays than biting.
Golden Crowned Snake

Golden Crowned Snake (Cacophis Squamulosus)

- Weakly Venomous

Named for its distinct crown-shaped markings, the golden crowned snake is a common species found across Queensland, including in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

Keep an eye on your cats and dogs as our furry companions are known to hunt and bring in these snakes from time to time.
Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake

Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake (Cacophis krefftii)

- Weakly Venomous

The southern crowned dwarf snake is a common snake species found across Queensland, including in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. Their small sizes make them hard to spot, however!

Tiny in comparison to their golden-crowned relatives, the dwarf crowned snake is considered weakly venomous but not dangerous to humans.

Sunshine Coast Snake Identification

The Sunshine Coast region, like many other places in Queensland, is renowned for its snake population. There are many different species of snake on the Sunshine Coast, not to many all the sub-species, and many homeowners – and even business owners – have come across these slippery reptiles on their premises, in places they are not expected to be. Considering the variety of venomous snake species on the Sunshine Coast, it can be highly beneficial to be informed about the various snakes you may encounter.

Identifying a snake is no easy task, even for avid snake enthusiasts. When meeting a snake, they will likely try to flee or hide, which can make successfully identifying it difficult. In some cases, certain snakes can become defensive, rearing up or flattening out their body as they face off a would-be threat. This can also make identifying a snake tricky.

If you should come across a snake in your garden, at home, or within your workplace, it’s always best to call in trained professionals like Snake Rescue Sunny Coast. Our experience and training give us the right tools to not only accurately identify the snake, but also safely remove it from your property and relocate it to the wild. Never approach a snake you don’t recognise as there are many species of snake on the Sunshine Coast that are poisonous, but that can be confused for other, similar-looking non-venomous snakes in the area.

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