Brown Tree Snake

Identifying A Brown Tree Snake

Brown Tree Snake (Boiga Irregularis)

The Brown Tree Snake, sometimes referred to as a Night Tiger, is a fairly common snake found on the Sunshine Coast and along eastern Australia. They are an arboreal species with distinctive protruding eyes.

These snakes can range from 1m – 2m in length, with the longest recorded at 3m.


About the Brown Tree Snake

The brown tree snake has an average built body with a large head and large, protruding eyes marked with vertical pupils. Its large head is clearly distinct from its narrow neck. They are brown in colour, with darker cross bands along the back and sides, extending to its tail.

Usually growing to 2m in length, the brown tree snake has 19 – 23 midbody scale rows.


Where Can You Find the Brown Tree Snake?

The brown tree snake’s natural habitats include forests, grasslands and sparsely forested areas. They rest in trees and caves during the day, but can also be found hiding in urban areas such as in gardens and home ceilings.


Is The Brown Tree Snake Dangerous?

Nocturnal, and rear-fanged, bites from this snake are rare. They are mildly venomous, but the nature of their fangs makes delivering a bite to a human difficult. They have 2 grooved rear fangs that require the snake to “chew” to be able to inject their venom.

Although their venom is considered quite weak in comparison to other snake species in Australia, large specimens may still cause adverse reactions.


What Does the Brown Tree Snake Eat?

The Night Tiger is a generalist feeder but primarily preys on lizards, bats, and small birds and their eggs. However, reptiles, frogs and small mammals may also be hunted by this species.

To inject its venom, the brown tree snake ‘chews’ on its prey while wrapping its body around it, restraining it as the snake consumes it.


What to do if you see a Brown Tree Snake

This snake is not considered aggressive, but when threatened, the brown tree snake will take a defensive stance and strike out in hopes to deter perceived threats. 

If you spot a brown tree snake, or suspect there may be one living in your home or garden, get in touch with our team. We operate 24/7 and can provide identification, trapping and relocation services for wild snakes. To ensure your safety and the safety of your family and pets, our team always aims to assist you as soon as possible.

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