Bandy Bandy

Identifying A Bandy Bandy Snake

Bandy Bandy (Vermicella Annulata)

Distinctive in colour and markings, the bandy bandy snake is un-commonly found on the Sunshine Coast and around Australia. This unique looking snake is considered mostly harmless as it has a small mouth and generally inoffensive nature, making them an unlikely candidate for accidental snake bites.

Don’t be surprised if your cat brings one of these unique looking snakes into your garden or home!



About the Bandy Bandy Snake

The bandy bandy snake is black in colour with thick, white strips marking its body from head to tail. This snake species burrows, and as a result, its eyes are very small and hard to distinguish from the rest of the head from afar. Additionally, there is no distinction between its head and body, giving it a streamlined appearance.

These snakes can grow to lengths of between 50-60cm. They have rounded, black snouts with a rounded, blunt tail. Midbody scales at 15 rows.


Where Can You Find the Bandy Bandy Snake?

The bandy bandy snake is nocturnal and a burrower, and they can often be found in their favourite types of habitats, such as coastal forests, woodlands, scrubland, and even outback desert areas.

These snakes are quite shy and usually keep to themselves. Although you may find one in your garden or near your home, the bandy bandy is unlikely to venture too far away from its natural habitat and hunting grounds.


Is The Bandy Bandy Snake Dangerous?

The bandy bandy snake is venomous, but weakly so. Bites usually have localized symptoms around the affected area. However, they are considered harmless due to their small mouths and relatively unaggressive disposition.

When threatened, the bandy bandy will lift parts of their body off the ground, holding it in loop shapes to deter predators.


What Does the Bandy Bandy Snake Eat?

Quite unusually, the bandy bandy has a very limited diet and is known to eat only one thing: Ramphotyphlops, or the ‘blind snake’. They will venture out at night, when they are active, to hunt for their prey.


What to do if you see a Bandy Bandy Snake

If you own a cat or a swimming pool, or have a very lush garden, you may come across a bandy bandy or two. Should you encounter one, keep pets and children away while maintain an eye on its whereabouts.

You can then call the Snake Rescue Sunny Coast team to safely capture and relocate the bandy bandy somewhere more suitable for it to live.

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