Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake

Identifying A Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake

Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake (Cacophis krefftii)

Rarely seen if only for their miniscule size, the southern dwarf crowned snake is a common snake species found across the Queensland region, including in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and on the Sunshine Coast.

Tiny in comparison to their golden crowned relatives, the dwarf crowned snake is considered mildly venomous but not dangerous to humans.


About the Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake

Dwarf crowned snakes are some of the smallest snakes found on the Sunshine Coast and usually grow to lengths of between 25cm – 35cm. They are typically gun-metal black in colour with yellow or pale-coloured underbellies. Their noteworthy ‘crown’ is yellow in colour and frames the back of the southern dwarf’s head, creating the ‘crowned’ appearance they are named for.

These snakes are incredibly small and, as such, have a very small set of eyes and a tiny mouth.


Where Can You Find the Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake?

Like other crowned snakes, the southern dwarf crowned snake prefers wet, cool habitats with plenty of ground and leaf litter to hide in. They spend most of their time hidden amongst the ground foliage, foraging for their favourite type of food – skinks!

Suburban backyards often provide this kind of ideal environment, which is why Sunshine Coast residents may encounter a southern dwarf or two in their gardens.


Is The Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake Dangerous?

The southern dwarf crowned snake is considered weakly venomous. Like their golden crowned relative, the southern dwarf crowned snake will rear up to expose their bright underbelly and may even strike out when threatened. However, these snakes tend to ‘mock bite’ at first – they will lunge out in a striking motion but only effectively ‘headbutt’ their would-be opponent.

Despite their small size and non-lethal venom, all snake bite wounds should be addressed immediately by a medical professional.


What Does the Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake Eat?

The diet for the southern dwarf crowned snake consists primarily of small skinks.


What to do if you see a Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake

If you encounter a southern dwarf crowned snake in your home or garden, do not be alarmed. These snakes are unlikely to face confrontation and your pets pose more of a threat to them than they do to your pets!

With that in mind, always be sure to keep underaged children away from snakes – always treat an unfamiliar snake breed as it if were venomous. If you require assistance in removing the snake from your property, call the Snake Rescue Sunny Coast team. We can safely capture and relocate the southern dwarf crowned snake to a more suitable location.

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