Spotted Python

Identifying A Spotted Python

Spotted Python (Antaresia maculosa)

Small and robust, but shorter than some of their python relatives (such as the coastal carpet python), the spotted python is a snake species commonly found on the north-east and eastern coasts of Australia. Their docile nature and lack of venom makes these snakes popular as pets!

These small snakes can sometimes make their way into gardens and homes, taking refuge in ideal hiding places like pool pump covers and garages. Keep an eye out for a spotted visitor in your garden!


About the Spotted Python

Pythons are famous reptiles, and over 10 species of python exist in Australia alone. Of these, the spotted python is a favourite, due to its docile nature and lack of venom, making for great pets and companions!

The spotted python is a non-venomous snake species that grows to lengths of between 1m and 1.4m long. Despite its name, the ‘spots’ on this snake are more like blotches: olive or light brown in colour, with lightly coloured bellies, the spotted python’s back is marked with dark patches that will cover most of its body for its entire life. They have large, angular heads that are distinct to their body, and are solidly built – but are still smaller than their cousins, the coastal carpet python.


Where Can You Find the Spotted Python?

Spotted pythons can be found on the north-east and east coasts of Australia; they are usually seen anywhere from Cape York in Queensland to northern NSW. Their ideal habitats include wet forests, dry woodlands, riverbanks and other rocky areas, and even caves.


Is The Spotted Python Dangerous?

Despite their large size, the spotted python is not venomous and only bite when they feel threatened. Bite wounds can cause punctures or lacerations, but this docile python is unlikely to become aggressive enough to strike out – unless provoked.

Always treat unfamiliar snakes as though they were venomous, even if you suspect you know the species in question. While the spotted python is not dangerous to humans, keep children and pets well away from wild or stray snakes.


What Does the Spotted Python Eat?

Spotted pythons are nocturnal hunters, and their diets change as they age and grow. Juvenile spotted pythons will prey on small lizards, but as they get bigger, they will move on to bats and other small mammals, as well as a selection of small lizards and birds. Like all pythons, the spotted python kills their prey by constriction.

The spotted python has an unusual but impressive way of catching bats. Hanging from their tail from rocks in the cavern ceiling, they will hang in wait until bats exit the cave and then snatch them up, mid-flight, before getting started on their meal!


What to do if you see a Spotted Python

If a spotted python has entered your garden or home and you would like it moved to a more suitable location, simply call the Snake Rescue Sunny Coast team. We’ll drive out to your location, safely capture the snake, and relocate it to a better, permanent home.

While spotted pythons are not venomous or particularly aggressive, keep pets and children well away from the snake until our team arrives.

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