Coastal Carpet Python

Identifying A Coastal Carpet Python

Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)

Non-venomous and by far one of the most commonly sighted snakes on the Sunshine Coast, the coastal carpet python is often found in homes and gardens. They are a popular choice when selecting a snake breed to keep as a pet, thanks to being non-venomous, though the correct licensing and fees are required.

The coastal carpet python can grow to substantial lengths and can still be dangerous when handled incorrectly.


About the Coastal Carpet Python

Adult coastal carpet pythons are olive-green in colour and juveniles are usually found in shades of brown. They are marked by pale and dark-edged botches, stripes or cross-bands and have a cream belly.

Large, heavy-bodied and can weigh in up to 10kg, the coastal carpet python can span anywhere between 2m and 4m at maturity. They are known to be the largest snake on the Sunshine Coast, though males are typically smaller than females.

These snakes are large and heavy bodied and usually weigh up to 10kg with midbody scales ranging from 40-65 rows.


Where Can You Find the Coastal Carpet Python?

The coastal carpet python can be found in urban areas, as well as in captivity.

These snakes frequent the forest and areas near water. Carpet Pythons have the most diverse range of habitat types in Australia. This is why many residents on the Sunshine Coast can find these snakes in their gardens, garages, homes and even office spaces.


Is The Coastal Carpet Python Dangerous?

Although this species has no fangs or venom, it does have a set of around 100 small, sharp teeth which have the ability to cause substantial needle-like lacerations.

Without venom, the coastal carpet python primarily uses constriction to kill their prey.


What Does the Coastal Carpet Python Eat?

The carnivorous carpet python preys on wildlife such as wallabies, possums, birds, rats, and mice. They have also been known to eat family pets such as cats, small dogs, and pet birds.


What to do if you see a Coastal Carpet Python

The carpet python is often not bothered by human presence. It has an amazing climbing ability and is active in both the day and night. Avoid provoking the snake, or making it feel threatened, as it can still cause harm to you, family members and pets.

If you spot a carpet python, or suspect there may be one living in your home or garden, get in touch with our team. We operate 24/7 and can provide identification, trapping and relocation services for wild snakes. To ensure your safety and the safety of your family and pets, our team always aims to assist you as soon as possible.

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